Overcoming bioinformatic program

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 0 comments
After the conference have finished we continued working at our project. 
Our review "Regulation of endometriosis" includes bioinformatic analysis of signaling pathways involved in the development of endometriosis. We found information about all the factors of adhesion, invasion and proliferation of endometrial cells and after that, we learned their signaling pathways.
When this part of work was done, we came to laboratory to unite all pathways on the overall map.

For that purpose we used software called MetaCore. It would be better to say we tried. Because it turned out that working with such program for those who are used to dealing with real people (patients in our case) might be very difficult and unfamiliar challenge. At the first time we hadn't found a way to cooperate with this machine. 

But after 3 hours of work we finally succeeded to create our first network. And it was just the beginning! We found new ways of signaling pathways for certain factors, got some new articles on this issue and furthermore, we merged different pathways and found points of their intersection. 

I think that it was an excellent result for the first attempt and certainly an important experience for us!


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