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SENS6 (September 3-7 in Cambridge UK) is perhaps the most comprehensive, complete and diverse conference on Aging Research worldwide.
It caters to scientists, policy makers, students, journalists, wealthy individuals and general public interested in aging research. There are many talks are very technical and require in-depth knowledge of the underlying subject; however, many talks will provide general introduction into many areas of aging research. 

In the case that you are a young scientist ready to step on the path of helping overcome humanity's greatest challenge, or thinking about how to contribute or get involved, this conference is for you! Many of us started this journey at SENS. It is worth every penny and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

The registration fee includes accommodation at one of the most historic and respectable colleges at Cambridge and the SENS Foundation is heavily subsidizing the conference. They are not making money on you. This is your chance to enjoy the exhilarating Cambridge atmosphere while interacting with the world's top academic and industry luminaries from all over the world. Some of these conversations will transpire over locally-brewed alcohol and end up in life-long (possibly extraordinarily long life) friendships and collaborations.

We will be giving away 300 "Ageless Generation" books to the conference delegates for free (

There is less than 10 days left and the conference is likely to sell out, since the number of rooms at Queen's College is limited.
Register today and you will never regret this life-changing decision!


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